Sunday, November 16, 2008

A perfect weekend with rain and snow.


Not much to report this weekend. For the most part, and with the exception of a small excusion in the rain on Saturday to Port Hope to visit The Black Lamb, we spent most of the weekend inside knitting and napping. Today we mixed it up a bit by watching snowflakes dance in the wind. Oh, there was a MORH (Moment of Ritual Humiliation) which involved me, a camera and the dreaded annual Christmas hat...but there's no need to go into that now!

The Black Lamb, Port Hope

Not only did we enjoy a visit to The Black Lamb, we were also fortunate enough to be in town for the Fibre Arts Collective show "Touchable: A Celebration of Fibre to Art" featuring 22 fibre artists. The show featured hand knitting, hand weaving, hand painted silk scarves, felted items including jewellery, wearable art pieces, wall hangings, as well as hand painted and handspun yarns and rovings in a variety of fibres. Some one-of-a-kind yarn by Julie Verge and Missy Westgate came home with us...


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KnitNana said...

Ah Koko, you look so comfy there.
Stay warm!