Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miscellaneous non-Koko content

Warning: This post contains no Koko content. She has however, supervised the writing of this post and authorized the use of her blog.

I am troubled to find out erratica is no longer a word. I was sure it was. I planned to tell you that the contents of this post fall into the erratica category denoted by the blog's sub-title. Now I can't.

I digress. Erratica or not, here's the post.

I went to Ottawa. Obama had an inaugural beaver tail. I had an inaugural bubble tea. Both were from the Byward Market. Both are over-rated. (Oh, and note to self: slushy bubble tea is cold. Perhaps one should not choose cold things in cold climes or one will need mittens in order to ingest cold things.)

Inaugural bubble tea in Ottawa

I ate a lot of vegetables. That's what happens when you hang out with vegans.

I found an absinthe cafe, cleverly called the Absinthe Cafe. Luckily absinthe is vegan. Luckily the vegan liked absinthe. We tried two kinds, both available from the LCBO: Hills and Pernod. The former was an emerald green until you added the water/sugar, then it turned a light green, with no flavour or louche. Highly disappointing. The Pernod was a pale colour that turned a fluorescent yellow/green when the water and sugar were added and developed a nice cloudy louche...quite lovely in comparison. Neither was good dressed up in fruity cocktail form - kind of like a spiked cough syrup but at a premium price. The waiter offered to light our absinthe...scandalous! Unfortunately we missed the Taboo by mere days. The research is important as we intend to have an absinthe party soon with our new absinthe fountain set!

Absinthe Fountain, Set, Koko

I took some long, cold walks with my vegan adventurer...some intended and some not so much. Luckily we found some friendly people on more than one occasion more than happily (and happily accurately) willing to set us on the correct path to our various destinations. We may have succumbed to the bus on occasion. We may have fallen into the path of yarn. Not that she'll ever read this, but Emily the Knitter at Knit-Knackers is an evil and highly effective enabler/temptress who we in fact love for her evil temptress ways.

Oh. And speaking of knitting, we have actually completed some knitting, or Tvåändsstickning as this particular Swedish technique is called. Two-ended, or twined knitting, creates a very dense fabric which keeps its shape and is good for those cold climes. These are the sampler mittens designed by Mairi McKissock to teach this technique. It's quite fun.

Tvåändsstickning Sampler Mittens - Front

That's it for now. Koko wants to go to bed. She may resume posting herself at some point, she hasn't quite decided. Cat's prerogative.


Anonymous said...

The word us ERRATA

The Blonde One said...

The bubble tea has always worried me. I don't like pulp in my orange juice (or any juice) so I can't see how I would like those bubbly things in my tea like beverage...