Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Exciting Siting erm Sighting of the Infamous Albino Squirrel

Last week our Winnipeg visitor brought some good luck (in addition to some Winnipeg weather which was a little less good and not at all appreciated) -- we finally spotted the infamous albino squirrel from the Trinity Bellwoods Park! It was worth the price of admission! Ok, there was no price of admission, but still it was most exciting.

It was also most unexpected. After a pleasant birthday celebration and lunch at Sweet Lulu on Queen Street, followed by some cupcakes at Chez Givins, we took a quick jaunt along Lobb and Shaw to catch the streetcar on Dundas. The albino squirrel was spotted in a tree on the north-west corner, but by the time we got the camera out, he (or she? how does one tell the gender of a squirrel?) had scooted quickly along the telephone wires to the south-west side of the street. That might have been the only picture of the infamous white bushy-tail, but luckily, he (she) realized that there was a photo op and waited for us to catch up and snap a couple of portraits!

Proof positive that the albino squirrel of the Trinity Bellwoods Park is not just an urban myth!

Trinity Bellwoods Park Albino Squirrel

1. Albino squirrel - Run...from the crazy lady with the camera!, 2. Albino squirrel - Who, me?, 3. Albino squirrel - Thank you, I'll be here all week.

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