Friday, April 10, 2009

Urban Landscapes - Full Moon

Last night we had a full moon! Is it because we have a visitor from out west, I wonder? Our visitor brought the snowy cold weather from Winnipeg, so it's not much of a stretch of the imagination that they might also have conjured up a full moon...

Full Moon April 9 2009

I took these pictures out of my bedroom window last night - they're not bad for clueless manual adjustments, handheld, through a dirty bedroom window, eh? It was a pretty cloudy night, and it's interesting that the camera was able to pick up the glow of the CN Tower in the background - we couldn't see it with our naked eyes!

Full Moon April 9 2009

More urban landscapes coming soon..stayed tuned for photos of the Trinity-Bellwoods Park albino squirrel!

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The Blonde One said...

You totally can see the CN tower - coolio. This same moon shone very brightly - like a spotlight - into my room the other night.