Monday, August 03, 2009

More Red Rocket Blues

You've heard my tale of woe before.

When we moved into the Student Centre at 51 McCaul Street about 2 years ago, I was assured that I would grow used to the noise of the streetcar. I wish I had gotten that assurance with a guarantee that we could move into a quieter environment (or get a martini bar and spa installed) should that not be the case. For about 2 months this spring/summer, we did get a bit of a reprieve when we had to vacate the building due to drilling underneath us in the Village by the Grange parking lot. It was a blissful two months. But, like bad juju, we are back. What makes this all the more painful, adding insult to injury, is that someone forgot to turn off the water in the dribbler in the winter (which somewhat lubricates the tracks and reduces the friction and noise), so the pipes broke and now there is no water, despite them trying to fix it. Or perhaps they fixed it but just can't be bothered to turn it on...

Let's just say a wet summer is not unwelcome, nor did we not not take advantage of an opportunity to flee the city for a few days of much needed peace and quiet in cottage country.

Trip Hall's Lake - July 2009 037

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not an artist said...

I still can't believe anyone ever thought it was a good idea to put OFFICES inside that loop. See you later tonight I hope!