Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry, merry, ho, ho!

Koko's Merry Christmas (2009)

I realize Christmas is technically over*, but it's still celebration time around Casa Koko. Hope you all had a good one!

We had a lovely, very low-key day. Walter, Koko and I hung out and ate toast in the morning. We don't do many prezzies, so I had a few small boxes to open (Koko got the wrapping paper - a novel treat since the prezzies were actually wrapped in something other than a towel for a change). This year's Christmas nap was on the subway on the way to the movies (Sherlock Holmes, meh) and dinner was a tasty vegan feast featuring tofurkey and a festive bread bear by Ace Bakery (it did have a face but we ate him nonetheless). It was a perfect day, and I was glad to spend it with my friends Chris and Gianna.

Christmas Dinner

Ace Bakery Christmas Bear Bread

*PS. Your card featuring Sombrero Koko is going in the mail tomorrow! True story.

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