Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kicking off the holidays with Cupcakes & High Tea!

I don't talk about work on my blog, since I already spend a great deal of time either doing it or thinking about it, but it has been a long and busy year. I thought it would be nice to treat my team to a special day of holiday fun. So on Wednesday, December 23rd, we spent the morning at Bonnie Gordon School learning how to decorate cupcakes with Isabelle. It was a very fun morning - we learned a lot (especially that we need to practice our new found techniques!) and we each got to take home a box of colourful, tasty creations.

Cupcake Class

1. Cupcake Class (Square), 2. Cupcake Class - Zach & Vilma, 3. Cupcake Class with Izzy at Bonnie Gordon School, 4. Cupcake Class - Vilma & Vanessa

For most of us, the decorating techniques and materials were the first time we had done this, but Izzy was a patient and informative teacher and our cupcakes came out looking quite presentable! Everyone did great; although you can't see Kelly F in any of the pictures, she was there and demonstrated a special talent for colouring fondant and piping poinsettias in buttercream. Zach moved into free-styling territory, while the rest of us tried to emulate the samples produced by the very talented Izzy (in the group photo, we are standing in front of a beautiful cake she was working on).


1. Vilma's Cupcakes, 2. Vanessa's Cupcakes, 3. Zach's Cupcakes, 4. Kelly F's Cupcakes

I took my cupcakes to a Christmas eve party at my friend Elayne's, and the cupcakes were the centre of attention on the food table! The only thing is, no one wanted to eat them because they were "too pretty"! I had to persuade someone to eat one before anyone else would take one. I did manage to bring one home for Walter to enjoy!

Kelly D's Cupcakes

But the day didn't end there! After a productive morning, we went for high tea at the Windsor Arms, and had a relaxing and tasty lunch while we exchanged gifts. It's a beautiful setting, made all the more special by Kelly F spotting actor Scott Speedman (of Felicity fame) in the lobby!

High Tea

1. Windsor Arms High Tea - Vanessa, 2. Windsor Arms High Tea - Zach, 3. Windsor Arms High Tea - Vilma

It was a really lovely day; a very nice way to kick off the holiday season. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!


Kelly said...

That was indeed a great day where you completely spoiled us! Learning to decorate cupcakes was so much fun! I took mine over to my family and there were gone in under 3 minutes. We firmly believe in enjoying all aspects of confectionary art. High tea was delightful and I'm still tickled pink that we saw Scott Speedman! Thanks again for everything!

Julie said...

wow, those cupcakes look amazing, and who can resist high tea?!