Monday, January 04, 2010


More cookies, this time critter cookies - snails, squirrels, hedgehogs, giraffes, owls, acorns, spiderwebs - all for a six year old boy's upcoming birthday. A friend asked for a crash course in cookie-making/decorating, so we spent Saturday making these cookies for her nephew. (There were also a couple of large dinosaurs, but luckily for Walter they broke when I was taking them off the pan...)

Critter Cookies

Speaking of critters, I think it's cold enough that Miss Koko might want her hat from last year...more big=more warm, non?

Xmas Hat 2009 Outtake


Julie said...

those cookies look amazing, and that snowman is very cute, although your kitty does not look so enthused.

The Blonde One said...

Looks like you painted the hedgehog. Tres cool.

Yvette said...

Leah and I removed the polar bear from the tree and ate him. Yum!

Tammy said...

Those cookies look fabulous - they look too good to eat!