Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary

Twenty or so years ago, two crazy kids met at OCA and got hitched a few months later. Originally they were just going to go to city hall and then have a big party with all their friends, but instead they had a wedding in northern Ontario with their families and very few friends...Twenty years later they finally got around to throwing that party with their friends.

Yep, last night Walter and I had a 20th anniversary party with our most excellent, talented and generous friends. Thank you to everyone who came and bestowed us with their love and friendship and gifts. We are truly honoured.

20th Anniversary Party

Special thanks to Chris who provided the venue and all the fabulous vegan catering and her family as slave labour; to Amber and Matthew who made a special cake for us; to Zach and Chris who played for us (flute and guitar); to Angie who provided invaluable help with the drinks, flowers, decorations, logistics and much appreciated chauffeuring; to Alessandra who made beautiful (if hormonally-induced) fruit trays with heart shaped fruit and fruit monograms; to Kelly who coordinated non-alcoholic drinks and drinking vessels and helped with logistics; to all of the above who made a kick-ass cleanup team into the wee hours this morning; to Elayne who agreed to make us matching rings because we still don't have any and even though we didn't finish the design and have them ready for the party, we're still getting them made; and finally to all the other folks who thoughtfully brought something to the party from flowers to ketchup chips to nice wine! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Walter and I were really not expecting gifts, being typically clueless as to etiquette on these things (as evidenced by our impromptu speeches - as awkward as the original ones at our wedding), and we received some lovely and extremely generous gifts - thank you. I received a special and thoughtful gift from his friends - a custom portrait of Koko. Thank you.

Koko Portrait

I didn't get too many pictures at the event, but managed to snap a few of the cake Amber made before we destroyed, I mean ate, it:


The bottom layer is for OCAD since that's where we met and it's been a big part of our lives for the past 20's the shape of the old building but the colours and design are evocative of the new building. The second tier represents art in our lives, but of course features a certain Siamese feline, and the top tier has words that represent our relationship as well as all the street names where we have lived in Winnipeg and Toronto. And of course, a larger than life Koko presides over everything!

Cake Detail

I love these little cat portraits that Matthew drew for the cake. Unfortunately some of the frames broke in transit but they were beautiful and perhaps even more life-like now. I was thinking maybe I will get one of these cat images made into a tattoo...

Cake Decorations

These are all the decorations on the second tier of the cake. They're made of royal icing, painted with lustre dust (I think) and then the drawing is done in edible ink. The cat is marzipan and modelling chocolate. Unfortunately I had already eaten the tail and paws before I took the picture...

Anyway, the party's over but not over if you know what I mean!

Engagement Photo


Julie said...

That's so romantic!! Happy Anniversary!!!

FP Wear said...

LOVE the picture of you two best - how cute are you?!

queenlispet said...

Happy Anniversary, Kelly and Walter. I'm glad you had a great day. Love those kitty portraits!

Yvette said...

The kid and I are wondering what media is used on the Koko portrait. It looks a bit like pastel from here. Is that right?