Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wet rags, magnolia trees, cakes!

It's been crazy-busy for me at work lately. Apparently, I am working my staff off their feet, too.


Don't be fooled, it's not THAT bad. Tee hee. Sometimes I am reminded of that line in the movie Notting Hill where William says to Martin, his employee in the bookstore: "If I were to employ a wet rag would I have to pay it as much as I pay you?"

I have been getting to work pretty early, but occasionally I glimpse my favourite magnolia tree in the sunrise.

My Magnolia Tree 2010

The spring has been a bit unpredictable with unseasonably hot weather followed by cold weather, so my tree has taken a bit of a beating and is not looking as robust as it usually does. But it still looks beautiful in the morning light, a most glorious sight amidst the concrete.

Last week Amber and I worked at the 2010 Cake Show which was totally amazing! We didn't submit any cakes this year as the intimidation factor from last year was pretty high, and it definitely is even more intimidating for next year now after seeing all these beautiful cakes! But we think we'll be ready. I will share some pictures of the show when I have time. In the meantime, I will leave you with a picture of some delicious maple walnut vegan cupcakes I made a while back...

Maple Walnut Vegan Cupcakes

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Julie said...

oooh, those cupcakes looks SO delicious!!!