Sunday, February 06, 2011


Magic water, please!

It's been awhile since we've posted. Koko Jr is no longer with us, thankfully, having taken the surgery train on January 4. Prior to that date, Koko Jr was acting up, often resulting in Casa Koko crime scenes a la Dexter. Healing post-surgery has been slow, impeded by certain willful behaviour of a certain cat, resulting in insult being added to injury -- a cone on top of a blue baton. Hence the new moniker: Kone-ko. Which I think sounds best with a slight Japanese accent.

Kone-ko has developed a penchant for water from the tap, and her thirst is very great. She is quite convinced it is magic water and if she waits in the sink it will bestow its riches upon her. Yes, that's it.

Oh yeah, happy new year. Since this is officially the first post of 2011...though at the rate of posting it may be the next to last!

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