Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good night, sweet bunny

Good night, sweet bunny

Today I said goodbye to my best little friend for the past eighteen years. I always promised her I would be with her at the end, and I hoped I would be brave enough and smart enough to know when it was time. Given the trauma of the last nine months, it was becoming more and more clear that she was approaching that line, and today when she woke me up, it was clear that today was the day that I had to do the right thing for her.

I am so grateful that I had Yama and Angie with me, to say goodbye to her with me, and that my regular vet who has known her for eleven years and been so kind to her, was available to help make her comfortable and help her go so peacefully.

Thank you Angie and Yama for being with me and Koko today. It meant a lot to me that Koko died so peacefully, surrounded by people who loved her. And it meant a lot to me that I was not alone today.

Good bye, sweet Koko. We had such a great life together and you were the funniest, sweetest and craziest little friend a person could ever have. You will always be with me.

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