Friday, December 30, 2011

Helsingør and København, Danmark

Exhuasted. Today I saw so much pretty. Danmark is extremely pretty. But I am starting to get overwhelmed by cobblestones, beautiful buildings and happy, blond children. I can't wait until I go to Kiruna - I'll bet there is nary a cobblestone in sight, and the Ice Hotel is only about three weeks old at this point. And since the per capita population up north is only 2 people per square kilometer, I think I can share the space with some happy munchkins...

I got up early so I could take the train to Helsingør, which is about 1.5 hours by train. The sunrise was beautiful today since it was a clear day (also decent hair day) for once.

Dawn over Malmö Central Station, Malmö

The purpose of my visit was to see Kronberg Castle. Mission accomplished.

Moat, Castle, Helsingør, Danmark

Kronborg Castle, Helsingør, Danmark

It has an interesting history, but I was especially intrigued by the casements - the two levels of underground rooms, tunnels and storage areas where up to 1000 of the castle inhabitants could live for six weeks if they were under seige and the castle was occupied. It wasn't pretty. But it was pretty interesting!

Casements, Kronborg Castle, Helsingør, Danmark

After visiting Helsingør, I took the train to København, and loosely followed the "one day" itinerary from the Lonely Planet Copenhagen Encounter. I got off the train in Nørreport, then visited the Statens Museum for Kunst where I particularly enjoyed the Danish and Scandinavian art collection as well as the Toulouse-Lautrec special exhibition.

Statens Museum for Kunst, København, Danmark

Then I walked through the gardens of Kongens Have, past the Rosenborg Slot (didn't go into this castle; all up to *here* with castles and history and pretty today!), then explored the Kongens Nytorv and walked down Strøget to the Rådhus and Tivoli. Of course it got dark early so I have very few pictures from this later part of the day.

Botanisk Have, København, Danmark

Rosenborg Slot, København, Danmark

Botanisk Have, København, Danmark

København, Danmark

Tivoli entrance, København, Danmark

I sought water, refuge and sustenance from a beautiful little cupcake shop near Kongens Nytorv. It was a tasty cupcake: lots of raspberry flavor in the cake and a light cream cheese icing.

Bohemian Raspberry Cupcake, Serenity Cupcakes, København, Danmark

After my travels today, I was exhausted but decided to take my self to Bastard for dinner! I had such an excellent meal (cod with mussels) that I totally forgot to take pictures of the food before I inhaled it!

Tomorrow I'm not venturing as far - just heading up the road to Lund. Things are pretty much going to shut down everywhere until Monday because of New Year's. I'm not sure how I want to spend tomorrow night - I was thinking Copenhagen but I don't think I'll go back there - I didn't love it as much as I thought I would.

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