Saturday, May 20, 2006

Everywhere I look, I see peeps...

Look: a menage a trois - of the purely platonic kind, of course!

After they made a quick sortie to Ikea, Grandma and Grandpa Mr. Peeps and I spent a lovely day hanging out. I was ever so glad to see them return, because while they were out a lady came to view the apartment and she scared my scarf right off me -- she had obviously had a nasty run-in with some collagen and lost; the result was a tad fearsome.

I must say, plastic surgery is not for me. I choose to grow old naturally, not necessarily gracefully, and possibly with a few knitted accoutrements...(Well, choose may be overstating my situation somewhat, especially with respect to the handmade accessories.)

1 comment:

El Timido said...

I envy you Koko. There is no prospect in this life I can have my grandhumans in my house. Enjoy