Monday, July 31, 2006

On the lam!

Just call me "Escape Artist". Yep, it's true: I'm on the lam! See that wee dot in the middle of the hallway? C'est moi. Now you see me, now you don't!

Now, why am I on the lam you may ask? Is it because I am in training for the 100 metre dash? Is it because I am trying to escape the primordial ooze of the heat? Is it because I am trying to evade the prying eyes of Mrs. Peeps and her camera? No, no, good try -- but no.

It is because I am running away from home. You see, Mrs. Peeps has betrayed me.

Last night she did not come home until quite late, and when she did, there was ample evidence that she had been seeing not one, but two, other cats, and clearly much petrosexual loving occurred. Harumph. And then she had the gumption to come home and pretend she still loves me best. How she could turn her back on me after all these years, I cannot fathom, but there it is.

These are the nasty adulterous fiends, Toby and Raffy, looking all innocent and cute. Don't be fooled, they are homewreckers!

So now I'm off, and we'll see if I come back.


Kelly said...

Koko, was that you running by my house this evening with the joggers??

Yvette said...

Run, kid, run! You can make it all the way to the circus! I know you can!