Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Cat in the Hat Came Back... blog. Only to find out that Mrs. Peeps, aka Mrs. Fickle Blog Assistant is departing for the cooler climes of Edmonton. (Which she wasn't really looking forward to until she found out that Edmonton boasts one or two fine yarn shops and highs of 16 degrees C this weekend!)

So in the meantime I will lie here and look forlorn and cute, and hope she comes blog. You will just have to imagine the forlorness and cuteness as Blogger is not cooperating at the moment! {okay, good Blogger, now you do not have to imagine it}


Anonymous said...

Hi Koko; I just wanted to tell you I am missing you greatly...hang in there: I'll be home on Monday!
Mrs. Peeps

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, what a cutie! Have a great time in Edmonton!

The Blonde One said...

koko - i have returned from italy yarnless. please don't hate me. there was no yarn to be found! i blame those pesky fashion conscious italians. clearly yarn is not cool enough for them.