Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All Hail the Queen of Cakes!

I do apologize for my lengthy absence from Bloggerville. I shall blame it on a major sugar buzz -- don't you get sleepy when you over-indulge in sweet treats? Well, imagine if you will, the buzz that the rest of this shockingly green and remarkably tasty cake caused! I swear I have been in a sugar-induced coma for a week!

I must say Ms. Blonde One outdid herself with this treat-treat. Clearly she has taken my previous remarks to heart and is trying to win my coveted "Favourite Neighbour Award" -- or at least "Favourite Neighbour Who Wants To Borrow The Computer Award". Hmmm. Maybe this was actually a ploy to clear her path to the computer: lots of computer time could be generated by a first-rate sugar buzz. Nevertheless, pay close attention as a very high standard has now been set for treat-treats. [Don't let Ms. Blonde One in on this little secret, but I can tell you she is the front-runner for the FNA because "Mr. Thumpy" upstairs is not winning any friends...]

Yummy Green Cake



Little Knitter said...

Alas poor cake - we knew thee well

Not An Artist said...

Oh my god, I want that CAKE! Fabulous!

a2o2 said...

Hey it's good to have you back :) I want some green too