Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Karate Kat in a Kristmas Hat

I knew that no good was going to come out of Mrs. Peep's outing with Ms. Firefly Knit and Ms. Not An Artist a few weeks ago. You may recall I suspected evil plans were being hatched, some involving red and white yarn and potential public humiliation. Sadly, my fears were not for naught, because I now have a glimpse of the future, and it's not pretty.

(For those sadistic individuals who revel in the public humiliation of certain furry felines, then likely you will also enjoy this picture.)


El Timido said...

Oh my god! You look incredibly cute from ever point of view :) I am not good posing with something on me. I tried to learn some trick by watching but aint working. Could you be my instructor Koko?

Mamush :3

p.s. you should post this photo to that site

Martina said...

You look very Anime!! You need your own superhero show!

koko puff said...

Dear Mamush,
Trust me, this is not a "talent" that you want. I would much prefer to be unadorned in my pictures! But adopting an attitude of quiet dignity, tolerance and disdain is how I get through these moments.
Wiith love,

The Blonde One (laughing) said...

Koko - you are so cute and cuddly! This will seriously damage your dangerous and tempermental image.