Sunday, March 25, 2007

A view of and through the swift

Koko Contemplates the Swift

This is a picture of me taken through a swift. For my non-yarnite readers, a swift is a very handy implement, especially when combined with a ball winder. (Note: all your yarn friends want one if they don't already have one; run, don't walk, to the nearest yarn store and buy one -- winder or swift or even better: both -- for them immediately and give it to them at the first gift giving occasion in their future, like Easter, for example.) A swift + ball winder = yummy yarn cakes whereby the yarn can be pulled easily from the centre thus increasing the enjoyment and productivity of knitting.

I like to sit under the swift when Mrs. Peeps winds her yarn, even if it means I sustain the occasional twack in the head. I can't explain it. Perhaps it is because she is spending so much time with her swift...maybe I am jealous!


aao said...

You have all the rights to be jealous Koko. But, sincerely, no need to be. You look adorable! There is no swift that can take it away from you :)


Little Knitter said...

Jealous indeed! I saw the way you obscured Mrs. Peeps from making yarn cakes by throwing our body perilously in the way of said swift!

I believe you are so jealous of the time she spends with the yarn, you are willing to cause yourself injury to sway attention!

The Blonde One said...

Good thing your brain is the size of a walnut or you might be in more pain!