Saturday, July 21, 2007

Postcard from Comox Valley, Courtney & Cumberland!

Dear Koko,

I hear you are lonely with a capital L. Sorry about that! Maybe next year you will consent to join me on my journey to the edge of Canada. Do you recall your very scary journey in a bag on a plane when we moved from Winnipeg to Toronto? Well, this visit would involve a journey that is double the time and double the number of planes...perhaps you will be content with staying home and receiving the occasional postcard or two!

Yesterday was a lovely day in the Valley where every town seems to start with a "C"! We spent some time in Courtney at the Market Days, a veritable adventure involving yarn, perogies, rain, chocolate, artisan cakes, and a llama. We then ventured forth to Cumberland to visit with the friendly yarn people; unfortunately the yarn proved quite distracting, being sea silk at 30% off, that Ms Blonde One pissed off the only other driver in town by not adequately stopping at the main intersection (4-way stop, no lights). Despite this close call with death, we arrived safely home to knit and dine in true leisurely "-ish" time.

Today we join the munchkin muggles at the mall in order to purchase Harry Potter. Hopefully they will be enjoying the musician (correction -- that should read "magician") in rapt silence. It is still a bit early and pre-coffee for shrieking. Then we're off for a full day of adventures in more towns starting with C - Comox and Campbell River!

Yours from afar,

Click here for more photos from Comox Valley, Courtney & Cumberland on Flickr.


Kelly said...

I'm officially jealous!

The Blonde One said...

Yum! Perogies...and fleece artist at 30% off.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad to hear you were able to make the HP7 connection on the west coast...I was concerned!!!

FOBO and Penguin Pal

Rbecca said...

Kelly: I finally caught up on your island trip; Velcro & Cosmo are so proud to have been mentioned online. So, where exactly did you get that amazing cake that's showcased on the site? I want some!