Monday, April 12, 2010

Finished Knitting Project - Aqua Frog Citron

Ok, I know everybody and her sister has knit a Citron by now, but I just finished mine (including weaving in the billion ends that came from using this colour-changing yarn - not that I am complaining as I think the end result is totally worth it).

I wasn't sure how I would feel about the finished product since I am usually WAY more excited about the prospect of knitting something as well as the process of knitting it, but I wore it today to a meeting and while no one else commented on it, every time I saw it on myself (mostly in the bathroom mirror, but whatever) I was pretty impressed. The colours are spectacular.

Aqua Frog Citron

Pattern: Citron, by Hilary Smith Callis from Knitty: Winter 2009
Yarn: Wolle's Yarn Creations, 6 ply color-changing yarn, cotton, in Aqua Frog colour-way
Notes: I did 6 repeats of the pattern, and bound off knit-wise on a purl-row because I was trying to make sure that the edge would be in all six strands of the brightest blue. I ran out of yarn about 40 stitches from the end (you have over 500 stitches on that final row - it's hard to gauge how much yarn you need, but you ALWAYS need more than you have, non?). So I went to plan B: crochet cast off for the final 40 stitches, and to be honest, only Angie will be able to tell...

I was a bit hesitant about using this yarn since it is a slightly heavier weight than the pattern called for, doesn't have a sheen, it's a bit splitty since it's not plied together, and there are all those ends to weave in at the end -- but I would highly recommend this yarn for this project (2 skeins are required). I knit mine on 4.0 mm needles.

Aqua Frog Citron

In the end, I am so pleased with the final result. It's a fun pattern to knit, and knits up quite quickly so you have the added bonus of near-instant gratification.

Aqua Frog Citron


Yvette said...

Well, I'm somebody and even somebody's sister, and I don't have a citron.
Yes, it is spectacular. Great job.

Queen said...
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Queen said...

Gosh, that's nice! I can has one too? Christmas is coming...

(first comment deleted due to punctuation error. it feels late.)

The Blonde One said...

It looks great! Your photo wearing it makes me think 'rock star'

lilliputianme said...

Gorgeous shawl! I love it and agree with the Blone One that you do look very Rock star!

Julie said...

the yarn you chose is just awesome. congrats on a beautiful FO!